GDPR update on moodle sites and

GDPR update on moodle sites and

by Norbert Berger -
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Dear all,

With GDPR coming into force, I am writing to remind you of the sites "Study Soft Skills in English with NGBerger" and offer you to continue access if you want.
You have been registered and used the sites in the last two years and accepted old terms of use. GDPR requires some clarification as follows. What is important is that the sites protect your personal data and that you can deregister at any time. A general description of the sites, Moodle courses, communications, and terms of use are posted on the home pages of the two sites.

If you are a registered user but not a current student and want to continue using the sites, please log in at the site where you originally registered by the end of term. Old students log in here, while current students may have registered on the new Moodle server here.

Norbert Berger