How to post voice messages on the Moodle site

How to post voice messages on the Moodle site

by Norbert Berger -
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Dear all,

Here are some guidelines on how to do this using your Firefox browser:

How to post voice messages via messaging

Part 1: Preparations

1. Prepare your settings

Click on the messages link on the left-hand block in your course.

2. Select settings

Click here
Click on Settings

3. Check html editor and non-frame settings!

Check the boxes
Make sure you select the html editor and version without frames and Javascript. Getting an email when you are online is up to you: if you check frequently, then you may not miss important news, otherwise better select this, too.

Part 2: Recording a message

1. Write a caption

write a title
If your browser plays up and you can't write a title for the sound clip, use this workaround: write the caption into the editor, then select and right-mouse click to copy to clipboard.

2. Paste caption

paste into caption
Right-mouse click in caption field to paste caption text.

3. Record, check recording and send.

record and OK message for sending
Record (see volume meter = green bars), then stop, play back to check before clicking the OK button below to insert the sound clip into the message.
Note: you can send several sound clips in one message if you want.